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Module 5: Info-Communication Concepts

August 26, 2009

Module 5:

The Internet is constantly evolving to meet changing demand from its origins to now being a global force. This is true not just because more people are getting involved but also because technology is adapting to meet our every need online.

If you compare it what we consider our basic necessities, money can be the first one. The Internet offers multiple ways to meet our monetary needs from banking online, paying bills online, buying stock and finally even applying for loans. These are all very important facets of our needs and the Internet is extremely adept at meeting them.

Another need we all have is that of eating and the internet has become to go to place to not just know what restaurants and take out places are available but order groceries and even look for recipes. This is all such an easy concept now but 15 years ago or even 10 years ago if someone had said look online for a good recipe for roast our reaction would not have been once to inspire confidence.

These are examples and we can go on and on but when I look to explain the impact if the Internet And its constant ability grow it not amazing that its become the force it is. I find it impossible to define it and to measure its ability to further integrate itself into mine or really anyone’s life.

I think the way to measure it is by not defining it to be something that’s a small part of our life but more as something that’s a small part of everything in our life.  I think it’s also important to note that due to its growing importance, its effect on other areas like business is being investigated. The first example everyone goes to is of course peer to peer networks where piracy has impacted the music industry to such a degree that artists are now relying on concerts to supplement their income.

This being said P2P networks are an excellent method for sharing information and for example spreading popularity of a lesser-known artist. Thus its expected uses can shift to be one of marketing as opposed to theft. The other example of the internet affecting business is telecommunications with the advent of things like Skype it’s harder for traditional companies to keep up but they are trying with VOIP plans coming from the larger companies to compete with these smaller ones offering alternate technologies.

The Internet is a growing beast unable to be measured or controlled but the best method for making good use of it and ensuring that its impact is understood well enough to cater for it and work around it in the case of traditional industries. P2P piracy is just once example of how an industry has adapted to having a main source of income stripped away.