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Module 3 e-writing!

August 26, 2009

Module 3

The html creation process wasn’t too complicated as my background was in computer programming but it was hard to be creative as I wasn’t use to making something stimulating visually. My programming background in the past has always involved making numbers work and deep diving for problem solving.

This was a new experience for that reason and I am grateful that I experience this if for no other reason then to appreciate web pages I view daily. However it as good to have the step-by-step process to create this code and it was good to learn some simple tricks to have a basic understanding of how a webpage is created.

The main difference between a blog and html is that a blog can be on someone’s site that can include images and ideas whereas HTML is the actual protocol used to create the visual effect that you see.

This module really helped me to understand how important it is to be clear about what you put out on the world wide web, or an internal blog site at school. Its so easy for things to spread and become viral and for you name to become synonymous with things you would rather not see in 10 years. Therefore before you write anything pone you should always make sure that you think it through and make it clear and have it reflect what you actually mean it to.

This can be seen with sites like face book where employees have been caught out by colleagues for pulling sickies or even talking down to their boss. This is why its important to always be aware of your advice and be clear and concise and mot important only write what you would want read out loud in front of everyone you know!

This topic actually came at an important time for me as I had to do an introduction to my team about myself; this was because we had new starters when I was out of town. This topic about copyright was poignant because I had a presentation where is used an org chart with pictures from sesame street to indicate which character was whom in my team. This actually caused headaches for my manager as they were copyright infringements and I had to pull them from our share drive.

This was an issue that I didn’t anticipate as it was an informal meeting and wasn’t at all meant as a misuse of a global brand, but it made me appreciate how careful you have to be as you can expose yourself to issues without even realizing. Thus I am always aware of images I use logos I copy or even names I use when illustrating a point as branding is also under copyright.

Although I am a regular net user I do not really visit blogs as a rule as I tend to spend my time on sites like CNN or The Age’ website. However sometimes I tend to get distracted with blogs especially when I’m stuck on a problem at work or for school and Google the issue. It more often than not leads to some tech expert’s blog with a list of problems and solutions. I also have been known to look up issues with consumer products to perform research before I buy a product.

This is when I realized how reliant I am on blogs as though you don’t think you are you don’t visit them as a rule you cannot avoid them if you send more than 20 minutes a day online.

I always prefers less frills and bells and whistles when I look online and this is probably because in my online travels I found that simpler means faster. Often I want a fast response and pictures and colors usually mean a slower download. Thus I have to prefer the HTML version mainly for ease of use and faster ability scroll through what’s there to see what you want to focus on.

However if the search was for recreational use I would prefer the fun option and not mind the slower turnaround times as I have the time to waste and the inclination to want to be entertained not just informed.

For my example I have created a page with notepad discussing a character of a game I play in my spare time, Created a short bio and attributes description. I have created a overlapping image of the code and published webpage.