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5 blogging hot tips

August 28, 2009

As reflection I thought I would post this at the end of my blog entry ( no really!)

– Being truly yourself

I find the best way to communicate to people is to be honest with yourself and to others by giving your opinion on topics in not only your own words but own ideas.

-Write like a human not a robot

For people to relate to your ideas and entries or even find them interesting, You need to be able to gather their interest by finding a common ground or sustain a debate with them on certain topics. This can only be done if you are able to coherently entice people into the debate or discussion with writing they can relate and  understand to.

-Don’t worry about the audience

The aim to the keep the audience you have first and make it a active one then look to add numbers with different forms of enticing the masses.

-Be creative

You have to make people interested in what you are writing, Make them want to keep reading and reacting to your posts is the best measure of a good blogger.

-Be consistent

Always, I repeat Always be consistant with your style in your posts.