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5 blogging hot tips

August 28, 2009

As reflection I thought I would post this at the end of my blog entry ( no really!)

– Being truly yourself

I find the best way to communicate to people is to be honest with yourself and to others by giving your opinion on topics in not only your own words but own ideas.

-Write like a human not a robot

For people to relate to your ideas and entries or even find them interesting, You need to be able to gather their interest by finding a common ground or sustain a debate with them on certain topics. This can only be done if you are able to coherently entice people into the debate or discussion with writing they can relate and  understand to.

-Don’t worry about the audience

The aim to the keep the audience you have first and make it a active one then look to add numbers with different forms of enticing the masses.

-Be creative

You have to make people interested in what you are writing, Make them want to keep reading and reacting to your posts is the best measure of a good blogger.

-Be consistent

Always, I repeat Always be consistant with your style in your posts.


Module 5: Info-Communication Concepts

August 26, 2009

Module 5:

The Internet is constantly evolving to meet changing demand from its origins to now being a global force. This is true not just because more people are getting involved but also because technology is adapting to meet our every need online.

If you compare it what we consider our basic necessities, money can be the first one. The Internet offers multiple ways to meet our monetary needs from banking online, paying bills online, buying stock and finally even applying for loans. These are all very important facets of our needs and the Internet is extremely adept at meeting them.

Another need we all have is that of eating and the internet has become to go to place to not just know what restaurants and take out places are available but order groceries and even look for recipes. This is all such an easy concept now but 15 years ago or even 10 years ago if someone had said look online for a good recipe for roast our reaction would not have been once to inspire confidence.

These are examples and we can go on and on but when I look to explain the impact if the Internet And its constant ability grow it not amazing that its become the force it is. I find it impossible to define it and to measure its ability to further integrate itself into mine or really anyone’s life.

I think the way to measure it is by not defining it to be something that’s a small part of our life but more as something that’s a small part of everything in our life.  I think it’s also important to note that due to its growing importance, its effect on other areas like business is being investigated. The first example everyone goes to is of course peer to peer networks where piracy has impacted the music industry to such a degree that artists are now relying on concerts to supplement their income.

This being said P2P networks are an excellent method for sharing information and for example spreading popularity of a lesser-known artist. Thus its expected uses can shift to be one of marketing as opposed to theft. The other example of the internet affecting business is telecommunications with the advent of things like Skype it’s harder for traditional companies to keep up but they are trying with VOIP plans coming from the larger companies to compete with these smaller ones offering alternate technologies.

The Internet is a growing beast unable to be measured or controlled but the best method for making good use of it and ensuring that its impact is understood well enough to cater for it and work around it in the case of traditional industries. P2P piracy is just once example of how an industry has adapted to having a main source of income stripped away.

Module 4: Using the infosphere

August 26, 2009

Module 4:

I already had windows media player, adobe and flash to help with my online travels, I had to have them to view different sites or media from emails or random websites.

I find media player quite useful as it seems to be what most people use to send media files through e-mail (in forwards as one example). However I decided to download Realplayer, as that’s something I didn’t have already and it was a brand id heard of. To download this software I just went to Google and typed Realplayer and that took me straight to its webpage ( which upon opening had a massive download symbol. Clicking on this led me to the option that allowed for me to download to my PC. It was useful for .RM files (which are its own version) but also plays regular media files for the most part like MP3’s etc.

I find all three useful but realplayer was little more user friendly as in it was less intrusive on screen than media player and the skin when I minimized it was small enough to have along with my word document so I could manage music without having to switch back and forth. Media player offers this functionality too but real player was better.

The search engine started with was Google and the words I typed in were “New Movies” that took me to the results screen with Google show times results at the op of the page then as the first website hot the total number of hits came to 151,000,000.

The alternate engine I used was Copernic which was good for displaying results  but it felt less familiar and also was a little annoying to have to set up to use where as Google works as soon as you type in the website URL. The other item of note was that Copernic seemed t be less marketing based it was more critical and had a more artistic focus on results whereas Google was more about show times and movie websites that would give you reviews but were more about opening dates and the blockbusters.

For the Boolean portion of this module I wanted to be a little cheeky and use Simon and Garfunkel as my test term. I first typed in Simon Garfunkel and received about 1,970,000 hits starting with you tube pages and Wikipedia and then their official page. It was funny as they had the & in their name so I wanted to see how having and in my search would effect this.

This test was done because I wanted to see how intuitive search engines were as Simon and Garfunkel can work independently but put together should only reference that musical group. However when I added the “Simon and Garfunkel” I received only 1,480,000 hits.

This showed that Google was fairly intuitive, for a truly Boolean search I decided to use the term “Vietnam wear and drugs” which resulted in 3,480,000 hits and compares it to Vietnam war drugs which resulted in 1,900,000 hits. Both came back with a similar results in the first few pages but there was more intensive search for the combined term. I guess it comes down to when you have a vaguer question its best to incorporate as much as possible so that you get the best number of hits to search from.

I decided to annotate the page on the Vietnam drug war as that’s a topic I searched:

The Vietnam War and the Drug War
Robert Higgs

The independent institute

I saved this information in my favorites folder in my Internet explorer. I did this because this is software I have and use regularly.


Higgs, R, The independent institute, The Vietnam War and the Drug War, Retrieved July 4th, 2009 from

  1. Purpose: This paper wants to convince us that the drug war is similar to the Vietnam war and to make us focus on the issues we face today with another that we have faced to give us a comparison
  1. Author: The author is PHD. Holding professor who has taught at the best schools including Oxford and was himself schooled at Johns Hopkins.
  2. Content: This piece is certainly biased against drugs, and biased towards the more purposeful approach of fighting them as opposed to perhaps hiding from the issue. He doesn’t present too much evidence but compares a lot of the issues to the issues faced in Vietnam in clouding that of the
  3. Coverage was hard to do here as the piece is almost like an opinion page, I looked for pages that talked about Drugs in Vietnam and the war itself but no one else offers this up as a comparison. The quote she attribute sot Kissinger and other leaders were traceable offering him more credibility as well
  4. This piece was written in 1995 which is scary when you think it was over 14 years ago but the piece was written in a way that makes it timeless, it captures the issue of the war on drugs well and compares it an event even further out so we can appreciate its significance even now.
  5. This site was great because it was from a reputable source as it had notable names including US Senators and Novel laureates praising their work. They are basically an organization that fosters public debate and an excellent source for discussing policy reform and the like.

I think when I consider using this site the annotation which I saved in my favorites folder would be useful for myself but the information above would be most useful for someone else to consider reading or using this site for their own purposes.

I think the best way to judge whether a page or site is useful is consider whether someone else would considerate it worthy of referencing from. I believe this page passes that test and the way to check that is to read the above post that describes the page.

Module 3 e-writing!

August 26, 2009

Module 3

The html creation process wasn’t too complicated as my background was in computer programming but it was hard to be creative as I wasn’t use to making something stimulating visually. My programming background in the past has always involved making numbers work and deep diving for problem solving.

This was a new experience for that reason and I am grateful that I experience this if for no other reason then to appreciate web pages I view daily. However it as good to have the step-by-step process to create this code and it was good to learn some simple tricks to have a basic understanding of how a webpage is created.

The main difference between a blog and html is that a blog can be on someone’s site that can include images and ideas whereas HTML is the actual protocol used to create the visual effect that you see.

This module really helped me to understand how important it is to be clear about what you put out on the world wide web, or an internal blog site at school. Its so easy for things to spread and become viral and for you name to become synonymous with things you would rather not see in 10 years. Therefore before you write anything pone you should always make sure that you think it through and make it clear and have it reflect what you actually mean it to.

This can be seen with sites like face book where employees have been caught out by colleagues for pulling sickies or even talking down to their boss. This is why its important to always be aware of your advice and be clear and concise and mot important only write what you would want read out loud in front of everyone you know!

This topic actually came at an important time for me as I had to do an introduction to my team about myself; this was because we had new starters when I was out of town. This topic about copyright was poignant because I had a presentation where is used an org chart with pictures from sesame street to indicate which character was whom in my team. This actually caused headaches for my manager as they were copyright infringements and I had to pull them from our share drive.

This was an issue that I didn’t anticipate as it was an informal meeting and wasn’t at all meant as a misuse of a global brand, but it made me appreciate how careful you have to be as you can expose yourself to issues without even realizing. Thus I am always aware of images I use logos I copy or even names I use when illustrating a point as branding is also under copyright.

Although I am a regular net user I do not really visit blogs as a rule as I tend to spend my time on sites like CNN or The Age’ website. However sometimes I tend to get distracted with blogs especially when I’m stuck on a problem at work or for school and Google the issue. It more often than not leads to some tech expert’s blog with a list of problems and solutions. I also have been known to look up issues with consumer products to perform research before I buy a product.

This is when I realized how reliant I am on blogs as though you don’t think you are you don’t visit them as a rule you cannot avoid them if you send more than 20 minutes a day online.

I always prefers less frills and bells and whistles when I look online and this is probably because in my online travels I found that simpler means faster. Often I want a fast response and pictures and colors usually mean a slower download. Thus I have to prefer the HTML version mainly for ease of use and faster ability scroll through what’s there to see what you want to focus on.

However if the search was for recreational use I would prefer the fun option and not mind the slower turnaround times as I have the time to waste and the inclination to want to be entertained not just informed.

For my example I have created a page with notepad discussing a character of a game I play in my spare time, Created a short bio and attributes description. I have created a overlapping image of the code and published webpage.

Module 2 : Email tasks

August 26, 2009

1. What information about a user’s email, the origin of a message, and the path it took, can you glean from an email message?

Most information can be gathered from the email metadata line that appears in your inbox, including sender, time sent, size of email as well as a subject line which perhaps in the most subjective item as it’s at the discretion of the sender. You can also see who else has been sent this mail (if any) as well as its importance ait can be flagged in some tools like Microsoft Outlook to indicate an immediate response is required.

You can also see if you open the email the path it came to you from including if it was an original forward (you can see this from the subject line as well) and you can note comments made along the way to the original mail if included.

2. In what cases would you find it useful to use the ‘cc’, ‘bcc’ and ‘reply all functions of email?

The most common scenario is to Carbon copy or “CC” other on a email when you want to include others in the conversation this can be because you want to invite someone who might be interested in a concert you’ve been invited to as well as cc your manager as someone from another team has asked something if you that you think they ought to know about.

Blind carbon copy is a trickier scenario as its’ not totally professional to copy someone in blindly but you might do it in a social scenario where you want someone to see a response from a crush or respond to someone who you think is a bit silly without wanting to advise them you’ve added a bunch of other people to the e-mail. Its not something I would use often but something I would use one if it was a way to keep people in the loop without alerting the other party or just to play a joke on someone.

Reply all is a function is use constantly as you would want all involved to be kept into the loop if it was a work issue or if it was a social invite then would want everyone to know what I thought. I sometimes might not reply all if I just want to respond to the original sender, especially if the “To” list is long but I more often than not reply all to emails I receive.

3. In what ways can you ensure that an attachment you send will be easily opened by the receiver?

I first ensure its zipped so it can be received by more severe servers who have size cut offs. Before I zip the file I try to name it to indicate its contents and try not to send cumbersome files that to internal work colleagues. I instead point them to a shared directory they can view it on as its taking up space as is and there is need to clog both out mailboxes if we can view on a shared drive instead.

If a file has to be sent I clean it up of formals (if its in excel) and delete unnecessary tables and diagrams to make the file more compact. I also try no to use specialized software files as the recipient might not have access to the same technology. Finally I try to use ht oldest version of the software I have (specifically important for Microsoft products) to ensure they can open it at their end with ease.

4. What sorts of filters or rules do you have set up, and for what purpose?

I have rules to move emails from certain recipients to certain inboxes so my main inbox will remain clutter free and I will focus on what’s important first. This is especially true of email subscriptions I have which always used o clog up my mailbox and make me spend time moving them after scanning them. This was time consuming so now I have them go into a specific folder and look at them when I need a break (which was the original intent) and save time when its critical that I get things done.

5. How have you organised the folder structure of your email and why?

I always organize the structure of my folders to have easy access to what I need without having to perform in depth searches to find an email, which I could find, and minutes faster if I had it in a special folder. I do it specifically at work where I deal with several different groups of people and where emails can be cumbersome. It becomes even more problematic when you look at archiving to save space where you have thousands of emails.

what are the pros and cons of email lists versus discussion boards & Are there certain kinds of communication or purposes more suited to one than the other?

The pros of discussion boards are that you can post at any time and its easy to keep track of everyone’s thoughts as its visible to all and in order of input. Emails are more subjective as some might not reply all some might reply to the right mail they see and not the latest missing crucial information.

However discussion board mean that you have to keep checking them and they aren’t alerts like emails sent to your blackberry or desktop forcing you to acknowledge them. Both are useful perhaps discussions for real time and for having an ordered process for discussion and emails for more immediate response or to have guaranteed delivery to all participants.

TASK OPTION – Other chat options:

I wasn’t able to meet with group members as I travel for work and usually do my assignments in the middle of the night, so I got family members involved on yahoo messenger and we talked about how easy it was and also what bothered us about the program.

It was certainly easy to install for those of us that didn’t have it but it was frustrating for my sister as she didn’t have Yahoo mail and had to have a yahoo account set up which was annoying and now meant she had an extra id she would never use.  However it was great to have real time chat when she was in the US, I was in New Zealand and my cousin was back in Melbourne. It all goes to show how important technology can be in helping us communicate better and without too much drama.

Raj’s Concepts Reflection & Research Project

August 6, 2009

Concept 29 the challenge of ‘fast’ data

The adaptation to technology across the globe has meant that there are many perspectives shared with those who have an interest in the idea being discussed. This is important as it makes for interesting conversation and discussion as well as enables the enlightenment of the readers to different perspectives of new ideas. Also there is comfort in sharing thoughts on ideas important to you with those that care or at least know enough about the topic to enable growth or change as needed. Often these discussions are not of a life and death variety but are an escape from daily life but sometimes there are important socially relevant ideas that need to be discussed freely, blogs and other communication tools enable this.

However this enabled communication also means that sometimes information can be distributed incorrectly, this can be an enormous issue when you are talking about millions of people believing something that is false. This issue with incorrect information is exacerbated due to the ability with one click to spread a false rumor online on a web site that isn’t even that individual. Therefore legitimate sites can be displaying false information for hours before it is addressed by the administrators if addressed at all.

In this world of blogs where anyone can express an opinion it’s important to form a filter when you read something, this is why sometimes rumors online are not substantiated on reputable sites till independent confirmations are made. This is still sometimes not enough as due to the speed of transfer and the ability reach millions often without cost, spreading false information can be extremely interesting for those wanting to cause trouble.

Often it’s not deliberate misuse but honest to god mistakes that can be just as destructive, hearing something false and passing it on is one issue. Another is sometimes making false statements believing something has happened that hasn’t yet or will not ever happen. This is often the case with sites like Wikipedia where information is shared and then often used as a point of reference; it has become so prevalent schools have set up rules to specify that their students not use Wikipedia as references.

These are all issues that are a side effect of having the power of fast mass communication at hand. These do hamper the reliability and trustworthiness of the internet and its many subsidiaries for information. However taking all these factors into account it is still the best available method to communicate news and taking a small amount of cynicism when reading personal thoughts or websites based on individual inputs helps to determine the facts or at least to determine what to substantiate.


Anyone with access to any form of social networking
sites let alone a blog can use the internet as a rumor spreading tool. Cashing
in on the publicity of something similar that is a actual fact and trying to get
notoriety for claiming something that is false in order to gain some popularity.
Sites such as Rich Hoovers ‘’ allows the end users to have stories
created which then could result in rumors spreading. This shows the danger of trusting sites without credibility however it isn’t all bad news as some enjoy the extra exposure; those that already feel over exposed however see this as an extra invasion of their privacy.

Celebrity death rumors spread online Accessed July 20th 2009,

A perfect example of a internet blogger making up facts and justifying them with
comments like ‘if you don’t know it happened, how can you be sure it didn’t?’
Exercising freedom of speech is everyone’s right but where do we draw the line
between creating false rumors and trying to endorse them. We need to make sure in a
society that can be manipulated by the media or other forms of communication such
as the Internet blogs, forums and social network sites are monitored and understood for what they are.

Nine False Rumors about Obama Spread by Conservative Blogs, Accessed July 15th 2009


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Concept 5 the mobility of electronic digital data

The mobility of technology from individual lap tops to now having phones that can distribute email as if you were sitting at your desk has meant that the internet has become mobile as well. This is an exciting time to be alive as the pace of technology is extremely fast and the tools that utilize it are just as innovative. This can be seen with items like blackberry’s and Ipods that are virtual mini computers.

This is extremely useful for personal and business purposes, both of which are important in our daily lives. This however means that the value of the information received can sometimes be lost, often what you receive on email or your phone might lose the benefits of having it on screen to properly to respond to. This is not just what is sent but what it relates to, perhaps another file that has to be opened or some figures you have to look up to help you decide on how to proceed.

Often the use of these tools is related to not being available to work or be at home to receive as an example, personal invitations to look at photos or even to attend a party. This is an issue as you are not to supposed to make decisions based on this information when out, you are supposed to receive it and research whether its possible for you to attend said party by looking at your calendar. As you are on the move you might make a snap decision or worse put it aside to look at later, this can mean the wrong decision is made or reply sent.

This is perhaps able to be catered to once we become more accustomed to mobile thinking, but perhaps the one thing that would still be affected by this mobile use  is that though we might adjust our thinking to be mobile we cannot ascertain all we need from looking at a phone screen. This is true of perhaps looking at pictures or a website online, perhaps you’re asked to buy a painting from a friend who found it at a gallery, you see it your phone and miss the impact and decide against it. It goes on to be a famous painters art work and you lose thousands.

These are all subjective thoughts but important to consider as though our technology moves at the speed of light, changes to our thinking and behavior don’t.

This article shows that even though there is a convenience factor in using mobile
internet, The tasks which we indulge our selves in so readily and easier may not
be as easy as we would like when trying to duplicate the usage through mobile
internet. Research shows that only 59% of performing various tasks was
accomplished where on a standard PC 80% was possible. Also state that the smaller
screen is a major disadvantage compared to the traditional usage on the PC
How Usable is the Mobile Web? Accessed July19th 2009

The move to mobile technology is seen in most countries especially Japan where users have flocked to it. Its easier to control by the government as well as restrictions are easier to place to protect young users. However there are issues with the heavy costs as companies are charging more for this new technology to support alternate less marketable products and innovations.  However is it really that much better when our computer DNA is more suited to larger PC’s? Is it better to use it as its seen as easier to access?
Is mobile Internet really such a good thing? Accessed July17th 2009


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Concept 8 the invisibility of difference

The invisibility of the internet has meant that people are more opinionated and feel that they have the freedom to disagree as how will they be traced? This is perhaps the greatest and the worst thing about the freedom of expression on the World Wide Web. This Is because though its wonderful to have the ability speak without fear and heard without prejudice, it means that many feel able to act inappropriately towards others knowing there wont be any repercussions.

This is slowly starting to change with the governments starting to make laws that reflect the changing methods of speech and communication, however its still a long way away from being totally free of misuse and hate. The biggest issue is with young people who haven’t yet formed the confidence to take abuse that their adult counterparts have become more adept at screening out, in most cases.

This is an enormous issue as now suicides have been related back to communications online at reputable social networking sites, this places enormous pressure on the sites and legislators to curb free speech to a certain extent. This comes back to cyber bullying but its not just about calling someone names online or making them feel inferior its about threatening their safety, this is an issue exacerbated by the comfort these bullies feel in working from behind their screens instead of face to face.

This is perhaps similar to prank calling from telephones prior to caller id’s or even sending threatening letters anonymously. Online bullying is no different except there’s even less likelihood of getting caught and less physical effort needed.

These are important issues to solve but one cannot miss the impact on free speech from people feeling comfortable in airing their views, similar to taking a survey. This is  when people express their opinion or give feedback with the promise of anonymity. The internet is one big anonymous survey, you can feel how you want act how you please and say what you mean without fear of reprisal. This is a great tool for understanding public opinion away from the mass medias perspective on reality. Often you just have to read comments made on an online article written about how the south of America feels about a candidate to see what the south of America really thinks about that candidate.

This is also helped by the fact that no one can see what you look like, unless you chose to send a photo or video message of course. This means that when you speak you are heard for what you are saying not what you look like or who you sound like. Everyone looks at your words for what they are, which is incredible in this world of multicultural issues where people of different cultures and religions can’t hear the other due to existing prejudices.


After a teenager in the US had killed herself after being bullied online by a fake boyfriend the mother down the street who had been a proven accomplice has been charged with bullying her young neighbor. This is an example of how laws have changed to deal with new technologies and their social impacts. This is still not a settled matter as a judge still has to make final determinations but it’s a good example of a changing society

Megans Law, Accessed July14th 2009

Protection of the freedom of speech online has been upheld yet again by the Supreme Court showing how its seen as important to protect the rights of those online to speak freely from fear of persecution for expressing their constitutionally protected opinions. This was a victory upheld by the highest court for writers, artists and health educators who wished to protect their rights online.

Supreme Court Refuses To Revive Online Censorship Law, Accessed July10th 2009


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No Discrimination Kongregate (online game)

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Save the Internet

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Concept 12 communication and Information are related

Communication is about speaking to each other whether it be one to one many to one or many to many. This is where ease of communication turns into an issue as information sent or received can be out of context as its not being communicated directly but is being passed on. This is true of emails being passed on and perhaps taken out of context of even notes from a meeting were taken perhaps even subconsciously with the intention to support the writers idea.

This is why when communication used to send or receive information must be within context or displayed in a way to allow for interpretation. This is of course easy in a fair interaction where all parties wish to maintain a relationship and a level of trust. However when you are talking about websites or blogs its each to their own as often links are embedded in websites used to support an idea from the blogger or website host which is completely different to that of the original writer.

An example of this is when perhaps a celebrity has a baby the original site can be to show the baby off and to exclaim over its beauty. This information might then be linked into a site that talks about children being exploited by their parents. You can see how someone reading the second blog might misconstrue the idea of that picture being used to share the joy of a birth of a child. This is a basic scenario but can be used to illustrate how information can be communicated incorrectly.

Another issue with communication and information not being aligned is when someone misses an important point or figure in a presentation and forms an opinion they spread. This is an issue when others rely on this summary to make their own decisions. This is an example of how information is communicated incorrectly today and even when technology wasn’t at the level it is at now, but as it is so prevalent people are reliant on others information more as its easier to spread and use. Therefore information is communicated that is incorrect deliberately or otherwise making it’s use inadequate in understand the complete picture.

Therefore when communicating with technology its important to have rules and standards to ensure proper knowledge is being transferred and that the correct facts are being understood by all.


The protection on consumer information is very important in sample cases like when employees revolt as just one example. It’s important to have policies in place to protect importance information. On top of this audits need to be performed and any breaches addressed, this is in order to ensure safe procedures are being followed so information isn’t misused or miscommunicated for any reason.

State Laws Require Secure Personal Data, Retrieved July 15th 2009

Technology has been a forefront of corporate changes and the addition of new technology has compromised information. This use of technology like e-mail has meant that there is a greater thre4at to information security as sensitive information is sent via email that isn’t always as secure as possible. Encryption etc aren’t always used and this endangers the company’s position. This is important to understand the use of technology for transferring business information.

Data complacency, Accessed July15th 2009


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